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How To Make More Money From Your Amazon eBook

Calling all creative writers, self-publishers and technical writers looking to create eBooks that SELL, SELL, SELL like hot cakes.

We place emphasis on the ‘sell’ aspect as so often, all the heartache and hustle goes into the creation of the immense thing of beauty your eBook obviously is. Unfortunately, thoughts on how to make sure the people who need to actually know that it exists are overlooked in the rapture of penning the epilogue. Despite the romantic idyll of giving birth to your pages of inspiration and watching them take flight into the nestling hands of avid readers (in exchange for some dosh); the ‘taking flight’ part needs to be more of a hard push accompanied by an unassailing, siren-like birdsong to let your audience know you’re coming. Here’s a recipe for how to improve the rate of sales on your eBook.



  • 1 or more juicy eBooks to sell on This can be made from a compilation of existing content you have, or if you’re feeling particularly brazen, you could get a ghostwriter to whip something up…? (gasp!)

Optional Extras:

  • 1 email list of computer literate friends and family willing to give 2 minutes of their time in support
  • Decent social media presence (your average 300 Facebook friends should suffice)


1)   Give eBook away for FREE to a select list of target readers for a limited time*

2)   After 5 or so days, start charging $2.99. (Check out this step by step guide on how to publish here. Amazon’s royalty pricing structure means eBooks priced below $2.99 generate 70% of the royalties for the publisher. eBooks between $2.99 – $9.99 only generate 35% in royalties.)

3)   Add calls to action within the eBook to encourage readers to subscribe to your email list

4)   Game the Amazon keyword (similar to google adwords) system to ensure your book ranks highly for relevant, organically searched keywords within the Amazon/Kindle store. The most important components for gaming keyword ranking position are:

  • Number of positive reviews
  • Total downloads
  • Total revenue
  •  Meta-data on your book description.

You can achieve positive reviews and downloads by first launching your book to family and friends and making it available for FREE for 5 days. Wondering what the most popular keyword searches are? Merchant Words is the equivalent of ‘Google Adwords Tool’ specifically for Amazon. You can further manipulate keyword ranking by including the target keyword in the book’s title. You will decide which keywords to target by evaluating the relevant  keywords with least competition and fair monthly search volumes – these factors will allow you rank #1 more easily with the addition of your positive reviews and downloads.

5)   Improve chances of your eBook being seen by ensuring it ranks highly within the most relevant Kindle category.  The most important indicators for ranking position of books within categories are:

  • Relevance
  • Competitiveness.

Be sure to upload the eBook a category relevant to its topic. To determine the competitiveness of the eBook within a certain category; compare the overall ‘paid ranking number’ of the 1st and 100th ranked book in each category you’re considering. Remember, you are looking to trump the top ranking book in the target category by superseding its number of reviews and downloads. The higher the ‘Best Sellers Rank #’ the less popular the product is and easier it will be to trump by beating its reviews & downloads.

For example, in the screenshots below, if deciding whether to target ‘Personal Transformation’ or ‘Creativity’ Kindle categories; the 100th ranked book in ‘Creativity’ has a much higher Best Sellers Rank of #109,458 versus #20,105 for ‘Personal Transformation’. As the 100th book in the ‘Creativity’ category is far less popular, it should be easier to beat to the #1 category spot.

Example of Best Sellers Rank for eBook in Personal Transformation category
Example of Best Sellers Rank for eBook in Personal Transformation category
Example of Best Sellers Rank in Creativity category
Example of Best Sellers Rank in Creativity category

*But how the hell do I get someone  other than my mum, my gran and my cat to download and review and positively review my incredibly groundbreaking eBook? If you did the shameful, self-promotional Facebook post and got nothing but tumbleweeds, here some other ways to reach your target audience in the preliminary launch giving-it-up-for-free stage.

  • Give away your book where ‘your people’ are e.g. Reddit, Pixel of Ink, Kuforum, Kindle Direct Publishing. Be sure to research the forums and contribute or start a thread that’s relevant your book.
  • Compile and reach out to a list of trusted friends, colleagues directly. A personal message will be better received than a generic Facebook or tweet asking for support.
  • Tap into relevant Facebook groups or twitter followers where your book is likely to be well received.
  • Publicly call out and thank those who HAVE downloaded the book. This will positively encourage others to follow suit.

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