5 Week Intensive Programme

Your mission is to drive positive change. Whether through your art or your social enterprise; you’re looking to build a community around you, connect and share your purpose.

You’re investing time and energy to create work of value, but feel overwhelmed about how to raise awareness and continue your mission in a way that’s commercially sustainable. You may need to raise funds, promote yourself and market your work, build relationships with partners and suppliers, host a launch event, research and test new business models to take your project to the next level…

In 5 intensive weeks of working together, we can get you there.

You’ll feel empowered to reach your goals with:

  • Bespoke solutions devised for you and your unique project.
  • Access to practical tools and resources relevant to your venture.
  • One to one support from a dedicated, experienced business consultant along your journey.

What can you expect?

If you want to learn more about intensive course, you will:

Once you’re signed up, over the 5 weeks we will work together to:

  • Research & test your business model.
  • Design a marketing campaign strategy to grow your audience.
  • Carry our financial assessment to ensure commercial sustainability.
  • Get clear on the mindset and systems needed to drive productivity and impact your bottom line.

The course is delivered via:

  • Face to face or Skype consultation session (1-hour) each week for 5 weeks to discuss goals, progress, challenges and practical implementation of the solutions suggested.
  • Weekly email check in to see how you’re doing and address and questions/challenges not covered within the consultation session.
  • You will have exclusive access to business guides and resources specifically related to the needs of your venture.

You will have developed:

  • Knowledge of practical business tools to move forward with your venture.
  • A tried and tested business model and promotional campaign strategy.
  • Clarity on how to measure success and impact in the future.
  • Confidence about your venture and its future sustainability

To find out more, book in for a complimentary intro consultation today.

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