Cultural Agency Collective is a business consultancy working with arts organisations and social enterprises to develop their commercial performance and sustainability.

Founder, Belinda Boakye, was inspired to start the organisation frustrated by the funding cuts crippling the creative arts sector and the commonly overlooked challenges limiting the sustainability of social enterprise ventures. We’re invested in a future where nurturing creative expression and community cohesion are the lifeblood of any thriving culture.

Our ethos centres on building collaborative working relationships with creative arts entrepreneurs and activists driving positive change in communities.
We then take this understanding of your needs + insights from your niche and match it with a tailored, scientific approach to business development.

This means less fluffy ideas and more results that impact the bottom line.

We work to get you to that sweet spot; where a killer offering meets exceptional marketing, underlined by meticulous financial management.

Our disciplines:

  • Business Modelling
  • Market Research
  • Marketing, Branding & Content Strategy
  • Marketing & Content Campaign Execution
  • Fundraising, Sponsorship & Partnerships
  • Programming Interactive Business Training Workshops

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