Book A Consultation Session

You’re ready to take committed steps to grow your arts or social enterprise venture.
You recognise generating revenue is key to your success and sustainability.
Your head is throbbing with the pressure from that ever-growing to-do list.
You’re feeling paralysed by what to prioritise and lacking knowledge in some essential areas of business.
All this noise is holding you back from reaching your potential.

It doesn’t have to go on this way.


Book a strategy consultation session.
Complete the questions below to apply. You’ll get a response within 48 hours.

During this strategy session you will:

  • Get clarity on the key challenges you currently face and break down simple actionable steps to move forward.
  • Get clear on the long-term vision of your venture to know what to prioritise.
  • Identify what resources would best serve you on the next phase of your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Refine your unique value to keep you focussed and maintain the momentum needed to serve your audience.


The session will last for up to 90 minutes via Skype or in person at our offices. The more detail you share in your responses below, the more insight we have to make the best use of our time together.

No strings attached

Following your session, there are no strings attached to continue with our programmes. You’ll have a chance to ask more about the methodology we apply with our clients to generate compelling results.

Is this right for me?

We receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from the specialist consultancy we offer. If you’re committed to taking action and accelerating the impact you’re making right now, take advantage of this one-off opportunity.