Happy Birthday Ascend Actors Group!

Just another face in a pile of headshots. Intense auditions that demand your mind, body and soul.  Part time shift work that bookends the adrenalin rush of first-night performances. The deafening silence that lulls between your next casting call. This is the life of a jobbing actor. But what happens when the rollercoaster ride begins to take its toll?

Stephanie Yamson, actress and the founder of Ascend Actors Group, lived and breathed the highs and lows of this lifestyle for several years. It fueled her desire to change the ‘starving artist’ story and provide practical support for actors that often find themselves flailing when not buoyed by the support of drama school or an agent.

Ascend Actors Group’s aim is to keep the actor in a healthy and active mindset throughout their career journey.  As a supporter of Actor Awareness, a campaign fighting for equality and diversity within the industry, Ascend aims to serve its clients holistically through exclusively developed training tools, including valuable acting workshops, courses and industry networking events.

Ascend’s offering ranges from casting workshops with prominent industry casting directors and seminars like ‘How to work in international TV’, to finance workshops to help actors better manage their money.

Ascend Actors Group approached Cultural Agency Collective looking for support and guidance on how to:

  • Build a deeper relationship with its client base, serve their needs and create loyalty.
  • Raise awareness with the pockets of actors and relevant industry influencers that exist online in the UK and beyond.
  • Stand out, get and keep attention in a competitive marketplace?

Overcoming Challenges
We worked together on the 5-week intensive programme to overcome these challenges by:

  • Identifying and applying a ‘growth hacker’ mindset to building to Ascend Actors Group’s community and increasing relevant website traffic.
    We worked out the easiest and most effective ways to build an audience in a short space of time using a variety of experiments.
  • Understanding the best way to develop and distribute valuable content to attract and keep a loyal audience.
    The key to this was celebrating Ascend’s point of difference; their focus on the development of core practical skills for actors as well as lifestyle elements like wellbeing and mental health.
  • Advising on a variety of branded resources Ascend could develop to add value to its target audience in addition to the flagship workshops it offers.
    Like building any relationship, it’s consistency that keeps you front of mind. Together we devised a manageable timetable of marketing tasks that did not compromise on quality. It’s this type of approach to marketing that turns clients into ambassadors that spread positive word of mouth on your behalf.

In January 2016, Ascend Actors Group celebrated its very successful first year in business. Here’s what founder Stephanie had to say about participating in the 5-week intensive programme:

“Working with Cultural Agency Collective’s lead consultant Belinda really helped me break down the scary mountain of marketing into small bite size and understandable chunks. As a small start-up, funds are always limited, and I wasn’t in the position to hire a marketing team. However, Belinda coached me through the main marketing strategies of my choosing to help grow the company’s my e-list and analyse my website traffic through the use of google analytics.
Not only was she a sounding board for all my business ideas and goals, she gave me weekly plans to follow to help me achieve my marketing goals. Online marketing is such a vast area, but i am now competent in all areas. The Ascend Actors Group is now in its second year of business and I will be definitely calling on their services again.”

– Stephanie Yamson, founder of Ascend Actors Group.

Ready to find out more about the 5-week intensive programme with one to one support from a dedicated business consultant?
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