How To Bring Supermalt Into The 21st Century

Supermalt, a staple beverage located in refrigerators of UK afro-caribbean and west african UK family households post 1970, has been undergoing a brand facelift of late. That iconic dark brown bottle and mustard yellow label design remains the same, but has taken on a retro, ‘hipster’ status ironically bringing it bang up to date with a fresh new cohort of consumers.

The Supermalt homepage, littered with consumer images and stories, is a reassuring sign that the brand is very much in tune with the lifestyle habits of its target audience.  Mid November was the launch of the ‘Got It’ art exhibition at Hoxton Gallery, Shoreditch which celebrated artistic talent fresh from the London scene. Featured artists were commissioned to express their perception of the brand via their artistic medium from illustration, photography to installation. Works included came frpm: Abi Wright, Venisha Francis-Hinkson, Ultrafry SODIQ and plus more.

A new look for the iconic Supermalt bottle courtesy of Abi Wright Design
A new look for the iconic Supermalt bottle courtesy of Abi Wright Design

We asked Kenneth Hansen, International Marketing Manager and representative from Supermalt about what had inspired the exhibition:

It was really a mix between deep desire to further understand the consumer, his/her relationship to the brand and a wish to re-fresh the brand in the market. A lot of thinking and effort were put into it. We engaged with our core consumers, asked them about their expectations, their lifestyle and history. We’ve always known that the loyalty for this brand is high, but I must admit, that during this creative period it became so much clearer to me personally that we here were having something unique.  The consumers are emotionally linked to the brand, they are very aspirational, outgoing and social and we felt they’ve been waiting for their drink to “come alive” for some time. So, we thought: why not bring it alive in a way that highlights and celebrates what all our consumers have been bringing to the brand for so many years. So came the idea of putting together an art exhibition with genuine Supermalt art and installations, which is just one of many more highlights to come.”


We liked the art, and we loved the exhibition’s launch event with chilled Supermalt on tap and some heavy DJ vibes for opening night. We didn’t like that it was only on for two days. Next time longer and bigger please Supermalt!

Have you any suggestions on creative entrepreneur + brand partner activations that SHOULD be happening right now? Share in the comments!

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