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This week will be different. This week, you’ll turn into a veritable powerhouse of productivity. This week, instead of staying on at the pub, you will actually go to all those networking events you signed up for. You will work the room, oozing endearing, eloquent, effervescent charisma. This week you’ll make connections that blossom into fruitful, loyal and of course, paying customers and clients. This week will be different.


September has arrived and playtime in the summer sun is coming to an end. To herald in ‘back to school’ mode. Cultural Agency Collective is hosting a stellar programme of business insight sessions. Not the boring, death by powerpoint kind, but the “let’s hang out with some motivated, cool people and get to work on growing our businesses” kind.
Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect this term on the CAC Founders Programme.

Session 1 – Optimising Productivity As A Solopreneur

Whatever goals you want to complete by 31st December 2016, setting a plan can make all the difference between ending the year on a high or repeating the habits that are keeping you stuck.
Are you a sucker for time-saving apps to help you with everything from organising your daily tasks, to avoiding distractions from social media, capturing creative ideas, to streamlining your invoicing? You’ll get our recommend tools and apps to play with.
This session is all about consistent action and gaining momentum.
We’ll share a proven strategy for founders to:

  • Get to the bottom why you’re procrastinating or feeling overwhelmed
  • Devise how to track and plan your daily activity to meet your next big milestone.

Want to feel more in control of your days? Want to prioritise actions that will take you closer your goals? This session will be unmissable.


Session 2 – Unlock The Power of Personal Branding

Here is a terrifying statistic: 95% of business fail within the first 5 years.
How many creative projects have you decided to start, brand names have you traded under or community ventures have you launched. Whether these succeed or fail,  your personal brand can remain immortal.
This is, the message that you share and the connections in your network.
In competitive marketplaces where you have to fight to get the attention of customers, clients or your audience, personal branding provides an opportunity for you to carve out your niche and leave an unforgettable mark on those you connect with.
But what does this look like in the digital age where a global audience is at your fingertips? We’ll look at grassroots creative & social entrepreneurs who have created stellar personal brands that save them starting from scratch on each new project. Get insights on the key techniques and tactics you can use to build up your personal brand immediately.


Session 3 Growing An Engaged Community For Your Venture.

Maybe you’re thinking about launching a crowdfunding campaign, or setting up an online shop for your artwork. Perhaps you are launching a local community project and want to know how to recruit skilled, loyal and engaged volunteers to take it forward.
There’s a huge gap between enthusiastic nods, smiles, virtual likes, shares and those elusive paying customers and clients. Your message needs to be clear to understand. Your target audience needs to be emotionally invested in your success. What you’re asking your audience to do needs be simple. Your offering needs to be captivating enough to encourage your audience to spread the word.
If you want to understand the psychology of an engaged audience and follow a practical step by step guide to build one for your business, get involved with this interactive session.


Session 4 Accessing Funding For Your Social Enterprise

Grants, philanthropy, donations, crowdfunding, social investment, despite those pesky politicians’ best efforts, there are still several ways to access funding.
But which funding opportunities are you eligible for? And which funding mix is right for venture? And let’s not get started on how long completing grant applications can be. With endless boxes to tick, do you ever feel like you’re shooting in the dark?
As well as getting an overview key funding options available, we’ll hear insights from guest speakers; a social enterprise fundraising specialist and social investment funding representative from Big Potential Fund.

Take advantage of their first hand experience of what winning applications look like and the common pitfalls to avoid when sourcing funding.


Session 5 Apply A Growth Hacking Mindset To Your Marketing

Growth hacking is “a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product/service development to identify the most effective, efficient ways to grow a business.” 
Maybe you’ve heard of the term in relation to tech startups like Uber or Airbnb or bandied around those Shoreditch hipster portfolio career types.
Despite the hype & and mystic around this approach, applying effective, metric based tactics to see exponential results is entirely possible for creative arts businesses and social enterprises.
Understanding the mindset is key to unlocking the power of the hacking tactics. Find out how you can understand the framework and apply the mindset to your own venture to achieve results with small or zero budgets.


Session 6 Financial Management 101

Any successful business needs 3 things to beat that 95% failure rate: 1) an incredible product or service, 2) killer marketing and most importantly 3) sustainable cashflow.
Creative entrepreneurs and social enterprises can be guilty of allowing their artistic integrity or social mission to take precedence over the realities of income and profit.
Is this you?
If it is, this session will focus on essential financial management knowledge from balancing the books to forecasting explained in plain, accessible english and tailored to the specific needs of creative and social enterprise businesses.

We’ll be kicking off 19th September at Camden Collective, Hamstead Road.
As always, Cultural Agency Collective events are a great way to get useful insights in a dynamic & interactive setting and connect with like-minded people.

Make sure you sign up quick via eventbrite to guarantee your place. We want to tailor the content to the needs of the founders in the room. Complete this short questionnaire so we can get to know you!


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