Business Modelling – Maria Chantal

Based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, ‘Loja Maria Chantal’ produces custom designed silk-screen printed t-shirts for young Afro-Brazilian men and women with an appetite for positive activism infused with inimitable style.
The aim of the brand is to combat racism, instill self-esteem, educate and raise awareness of authentic cultural Afro-Brazilian heritage.  The T-shirt line boasts empowering quotes like: “My hair didn’t ask for your opinion” and“Kinky hair doesn’t need to have perfect curls.”
Founder and emerging creative powerhouse Maria Chantal has amassed a loyal and engaged social media community by providing motivational inspiration to her audience.

Maria Chantal Feria
Despite being a formidable force of productivity, like many other solo creative entrepreneurs, Maria Chantal faced the challenging task of keeping several plates spinning.
Solely responsible for all production, design, sales and marketing, she wanted perspective on:

  • If the business model and marketing tactics in place were the right fit and guidance on how to improve them if necessary.
  • How to evaluate the profitability of her existing business activities.
  • How to build stronger and more meaningful connections with her audience through events or other channels.

Maria Chantal Duro e o seu racismoOvercoming Challenges
We used a variety of approaches to overcome these challenges including:

  • A financial reporting assessment to evaluate profitability which involved training on cash flow analysis, costing & pricing strategy and forecasting.
  • Income generation evaluation. We spent time learning about the full range of Maria Chantal’s skills uncovering new ways to share value with different audiences.
  • Devising and applying an efficient system for growing and retaining customers.
  • Reviewing the most effective marketing channels available and creating a strategy to exploit their full potential.