Should All Entrepreneurship Be ‘Social’?

The air was buzzing with the energy from conversations and new connections being made at #GEWconnect 2014 conference for startups. The interactive workshops and presentations hosted by Youth Business International as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week took place down at the Whitechapel’s super spacious and dynamic Central Working Space.

Amongst the enthusiastic rhetoric and unique stories of various entrepreneurial journeys shared during the day, one comment really stood out for us. During the ‘Ideas To Reality’ session, where audience and panel explored the issue of proof of concept and raison d’être when an idea converts into a via business venture, an audience member asked:  “How important is social impact in relation to profitability?”

This straight-talking response came from from panel member Kresse Wesling, co founder of Elvis and Kresse, an environmental design company: “As a society, we don’t need any more crap. As an entrepreneur, if you’re not doing something to benefit society. Don’t bother.’

We hear that, but do you agree? Share your thoughts in the comments.  

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